Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step Perspective Laminate Flooring has deep v-grooves on all four edges which beautifully frame each plank like a piece of art. When Quick-Step Perspective Laminate flooring is installed it creates the authentic look and feel of an expansive solid plank floor. Whether you want a light and airy anchor for your room, or a rich, exotic focal point, the Perspective Laminate Flooring Collection is the choice for you. Quick-Step Perspective Laminate Flooring offers 19 stunning wood/color options and a variety of woodgrain finishes that mirror the look of real wood for a warm, natural reflection. The Perspective Collection of laminate flooring comes with a 25 year warranty and a Uniclic lifetime warranty. Quick-Step's Perspective Laminate Flooring has an easy to clean, hygienic surface. This ensures that your flooring can withstand the demands of your home at an affordable price.

Quick-Step Perspective Laminate Flooring

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Quick-Step Perspective U865 Dark Varnished Cherry

Dark Varnished
Cherry Planks
Quick-Step Perspective Vintage Oak Natural Varnished

Vintage Oak Natural
w/ Authentic
Quick-Step Perspective UF996 Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany
w/ Authentic
Quick-Step Perspective UF1000 Wenge

w/ Authentic
Quick-Step Perspective UF1001 Vintage Oak Dark Varnished

Vintage Oak Dark Oak
w/ Authentic
Quick-Step Perspective UF1043 Oiled Walnut

Oiled Walnut
Quick-Step Perspective UF1157 Versialles Light

Versailles Plank Light
Quick-Step Perspective UF1158 Versailles Dark

Versailles Plank Dark
Quick-Step Perspective UF1161 Afzelia Doussie Bleached

Afzelia Doussie Bleached Planks
Quick-Step Perspective UF1162 Afzelia Doussie Oiled

Afzelia Doussie Oiled Planks
Quick-Step Perspective UF1165

Afrormosia Planks
Quick-Step Perspective UF1166 Brazillian Cherry

Brazillian Cherry
Quick-Step Perspective UF1167 Stained Red Oak

Stained Red Oak
Quick-Step Perspective UF1259 Ansel Oak

Ansel Oak
Quick-Step Perspective UF1260 Bartlett Oak

Bartlett Oak

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