Madera Wood Tile from Owen Carpet
12" X 12" X 3/8" Construction
10 Pieces Per Carton

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Madera Wood Tile from Owen Carpet
Madera Wood Tile from Owen Carpet
Madera Wood Tile from Owen Carpet
Madera Wood Tile from Owen Carpet

Its Madera® Wood Tile!!

  • Cuts and handles like real wood
  • Does Not break or crack
  • Installs using Bostik's Best Urethane wood adhesive
  • Easily Customized if desired
  • Lifetime Wear warranty
  • 100% Recycled wood does not require any trees to be cut down
  • Urathane and Aluminum Oxide wear layer
  • Grouts like ceramic tile
  • More durable than wood or laminate
  • Thru Color Construction

Wear Resistance

Madera Solid Surface Tile is precision molded from LIGNASIL®, the world's only patented high performance bio-composite material made from recycled natural fiber. The result is a tile with better overall durability than ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, laminate, hardwood, corc and commercial vinyl.

With all floor surface products, minor nicks and scratches can occur over time. Scratches are caused when a hard material (e.g. steel), comes in contactwith a softer material (e.g. aluminum). Although Madera tile is very hard, it is not brittle. Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tend to crack and chip easily due to their brittleness. Laminates, hardwood, cork and commercial vinyl floors tend to dent or tear easily.

The solid surface feature (i.e. coloring throughout the entire thickness of the tile), the natural textured surfaces and unique color blend system ensure a durable and beautiful commercial grade floor designed to last.

With Madera tile, visible wear is minimized. A special abrasion coating is factory-applied to every tile. The ultra high performance coating contains a high concentration of Al O2 (aluminum oxide) for the ultimate in abrasion resistance. The coating also makes Madera extremely stain resistant (including hospital stains) with better performance than ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, laminate, hardwood, cork and commercial vinyl.

Madera provides excellent slip resistance and exceeds ADA requirements for both horizontal and ramp applications. Actual results are 0.86 dry, and 0.94 wet.